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While the growing number of clients may spell good news for a security organization, tracking and managing the security manpower resources with antiquated methods is not. After all, at stake is the reliability of its infrastructure and resources, its business and years of hard earned repute. So while yesteryears could make do with dog-eared, worn-out registers to keep track of visitor footfalls and security manpower activities, their reliability, accuracy and data retrieval have always been under a cloud. Now is the time to replace lumbering registers with technology that not only eases your mind but also doesn’t burden your pocket. Introduce your company to the benefits of automating all your office and security processes with the Guard2U – The Secure All Round Security and Office Processes Automated solution.

Secured tracker is the complete security industry solution providing automated process within all areas of a typically security agency. Our solution covers following areas:

  • Office Administration
  • Operation Management
  • Client Administration
  • Field Security Personal Control
  • Security Control Room Module
  • Superuser Module


  • Superuser Superuser
  • Manager Manager
  • Security Officer Secuity Officer
  • Administrator Administrator
  • Controller Controller
  • Client Client



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